Pirouette Academy of Dance not only offer first class dance training in:
Ballet Tap Modern Acro National Street and Musical Theatre
but also provide Teacher Training for students aged 16 and over in:
Imperial Classical Ballet Tap National and Modern

Autumn Term 1: 21/08/2021 – 16/10/2021
Autumn Term 2: 25/10/2021 – 17/12/2021
Spring Term 1: 04/01/2022 – 12/02/2022
Spring Term 2: 21/02/2022 – 08/04/2022
Summer Term 1: 23/04/2022 – 27/05/2022
Summer Term 2: 04/06/2022 – 09/07/2022
(at the end of terms, the school closes after lessons on the date shown)

The following was emailed to all Pirouette Academy of Dance members at the change over of our admin system. To ensure maximum reach, the following message was sent using both the old and new membership system:

Good afternoon everyone, hope you’ve all had a lovely bank holiday weekend, we have some important updates to share.

This month we will be transitioning to a new register and invoice system called Class Manager. This system has many of the same features as our old system ‘DanceBiz’ (aka ThinkSmart Software) along with some new features and a more user-friendly design.

Payments will still be taken via GoCardless, and if you were already set up for direct debit there should be no action required on your end.

Going forward there will be some changes to payment terms, first of all, our planned cost increase has been delayed to take effect in October rather than September.

All lesson package fees will be charged on the 1st of the Month via GoCardless. Please remember that because the Academic Year is split over 12 monthly payments, the cost will be the same regardless of whether or not the school is open i.e. half terms and summer holidays.

This does not mean you are paying for lessons that are not happening, it means the cost is simply spread out over 12 months, rather than 6 larger ‘half termly’ payments.

In the future, payments for all extra and additional services will be charged via GoCardless unless otherwise stated. For example; Exam Fees and additional Private Lessons will be charged directly with GoCardless and parents will receive 2 weeks notice for each of these payments.

This means that you no longer have to go to the effort of logging into your online banking and making a transfer. GoCardless will notify you of the date and amount of the payment and it’s done automatically for you. (Extra charges have to be approved by Pirouette, and we have full access to the payment history and the ability to refund charges should in the unlikely event of a mistake.)

If you are new to Pirouette Academy of Dance and have not yet set up your Direct Debit, we will send out links to register for GoCardless. In the meantime, you will receive invoices that must be paid manually.

For Cancellations of regular lessons 4 weeks notice is required, any payment due within those 4 weeks will still be charged.

For Changes to your Package; if increasing (with less than 14 days notice) the difference will be charged on a separate invoice, if decreasing (with less than 14 days notice) the difference will be added as credit to your account.

You will not longer require the “ThinkSmart Portal” app; this will be deactivated soon. In the meantime, we are moving to a Cloud-based Parent Portal which you can access from our home page, Facebook Group, or this link here: (it’s worth Bookmarking this link!)

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